The complectation depends on the requirements for the soil preparation that is performed individually, according to the order. It is effectively used for:

  • Pre-seeding tillage;
  • Fallow care;
  • Autumn tillage and stubble cultivation instead of autumn plowing.

Performs the following operations:

  • Cuts the root systems of crop residues (with cutting knives), cuts weeds;
  • Grinds up (cuts) crop residues (with working cylinder knives);
  • Loosens and mills the soil;
  • Grinds and fills residues, fertilizers and mulches the open field with them;
  • Capps the winter crop residues;
  • Prepares the seedbed and consistently complies with the depths of the soil cultivating process;
  • Aligns the field.


Also, if necessary, the device can be supplied with a set of seed application and a device for applying liquid and solid fertilizers to carry out these operations simultaneously with the main agrotechnical processes.


Main types of crops application

  • Sunflower, corn, cereals, oilseeds and legumes;
  • Cotton;
  • Sugar cane;
  • Vegetables;
  • Etc…

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