The main goal of the AGROJET production is the optimization of the process of soil preparation for growing crops. This is a complex of a combined aggregate soil preparation that is capable of simultaneously performing multiple technological operations.

The hanging aggregates and mechanisms are placed in a specific sequence that resembles the order of their use in the agronomic work cycle. With the help of this set, you can perform subsurface soil cultivation.

Thanks to the possibility to complement the equipment with various aggregates and de- pending on the technology and the cultivation tasks, the complex is a credible alternative to the multipass soil tillage system. The complex has shown outstanding performance while working on different soils and demonstrated excellent results on virgin lands and soils covered with turf.

It can be used with most technologies of soil preparation.

The complectation depends on the requirements for the soil preparation that is performed individually, according to the order. One of the complectation examples include the AgroJet Model – shown on the photo N1 and N2. The model is used in subsurface tillage systems, it allows to create the most favorable conditions for germination and subsequent machining of processable crops.

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